Home or Work Repair 

  • I've just got my first pinball and would like it serviced

  • One of my flippers won't work

  • My game will not turn on!

  • Some of my lamps won't turn off or on

  • I'd like some preventative servicing carried out to maintain my games playability & value

  • I've bought a mod and would like it installed.

Postal PCB Repair

So you've diagnosed the problem but aren't confident at soldering and don't wish to trash your board!

Both SMT / SMD and through-hole competent.

  • NVRAM install

  • Capacitor replacements

  • Transistor replacements

  • HV rebuild

  • Trough optos


Arcade Repairs


  • Raster Monitors

  • Vector Monitors

  • Tube Rejuvenation

  • Power Supply Faults


    Please email at bob@pinballtoys.co.uk or use the contact page. 

    If you're unsure about what you want just contact us to discuss.